EAF Presidential Council meeting in Zagreb

On Saturday 15 October there had held regular annual meeting of the Council of Presidents of the European Anglers Federation.

Participants of the meeting mainly reviewed the results of the EAF in the past period and accept new challenges for the next period. They noted that in the past year has managed to improve communication between members of the EAF, which also contributed to higher activity of this European anglers community. In the last year the activity of EAF was successful.

The tasks received for this period in the most decisive have been met. Extremely successful was the third meeting of European anglers youth, which was held this year in Poznan, Poland. European anglers federation helped the Czech anglers union to enforce a simpler method of issuing the Czech state fishing licenses to the foreign anglers. EAF has also joined to the EFTTA initiative to replaced during a few years the lead weights heavier than 0.06 gr with some products from alternative materials. EAF has released a new graphical version of the European Charter of recreational fishing. The Charter should govern not only the anglers from the EAF member federations, but it was afforded also to the other European anglers associations.

The meeting of the EAF Presidential Council in Zagreb adopted a series of tasks for the next period. Among the main EAF priorities is to make progress in solving the problems with fish-eating predators, to support the activities of children and youth, to participate in the development of the cross-border cooperation and European anglers tourism, contribute to solving problems related with the quality of the European waters and the environment in general, limit the harmful effects of small hydro power plants. The tasks to the next period are many. Whether it's been gradually fulfill will assess the next meeting of the EAF Presidential Council, which in 2017 will take place in Prague.

Otakar Broz
EAF President

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